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A Question On Kamchatka?

A Question on Kamchatka?

Hi Neil,

hope you are well.
I’m seriously considering to join the second week in Kamchatka, if places are still available.

I have two questions:
1) do you think it would suit my ability level. I have done two weeks with you previously, but always off-piste/slackcountry but never anything more up the scale like BC or splitboarding.

2) I’m a bit concerned that the first week of May may be too late in the season and we may get no snow. Damned global warming. What’s your experience ? It’s quite a $ and time investment and it would be a pity if it was anything short than awesome.

Best, Giovanni

Hi Giovanni,

Firstly, from what I remember your riding is pretty good and solid and the riding in Kamchatka suits everyone, no splitboarding or serious BC just lots of  amazing Freeriding.
With regards the snow, I obviously can’t say what it will be like.
I have been there at the start of May twice before and have had perfect powder one year and good spring snow the next. I’ve never been there and had ‘No’ snow and the riding has always been amazing.
As with all trips the weather predicts the outcomes and this is especially so with Heli trips, but this is beyond our control.

For me Kamchatka is simply the best riding you can get!


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