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Ultra Craft Or Carbon Solution

Ultra craft or Carbon Solution

Hi Neil,

Quick question,
I’ll get a new Split this year and was thinking of the Ultra Craft. It would be my only one.
What’s your word on it?!.



Hi Lars,

Depends on your size really and what you’re carrying on your back.
For me the Ultra craft is about lightweight rather than pure performance (although I think its been redesigned and is stiffer for this season!)
If you’re going to have only one split I’d go for a carbon solution personally, they’re also lighter this season and the shape is a little more versatile.
Have a look at the Ultra craft, but for me the issue with a split board is all about the loss of performance not the weight so for me the more solid option of the solution carbon wins.

The Jones Hovercraft

Introducing the 2015 HOVERCRAFT and ULTRACRAFT- Pow, crud, or slop, Jones Snowboard’s founder Jeremy Jones rides the Hovercraft more days than not. The Ultracraft is the ultralight split version of the Hovercraft. Here’s the facts from Jeremy about why this nimble and powerful rocketship is one of his favorite boards.

It depends which is your priority I guess, weight or perf.
Hope this helps.


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