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Hovercraft Advice!

Hovercraft advice!


I saw your video about testing a Jones Hovercraft 164. I am buying a Hovercraft, but can`t decide the length, 160 or 164. I am 190 cm tall, 90 kg naked, but with clothes, avalanche back pack etc. on a lot more than 100 kilos. I have been ridden snowboard 18 years now and have used snowboards from 161 cm to 172. I would use the Hovercraft only for freeriding on the Alps, I have a short Rossi One Mag 161w for jibbing and parks. Could you help me, because I anyway shall choose either 160 or 164. It is very difficult to find any real information about the 164 Hovercraft.

Cheers from Finland,

Kai Heltola


Hi Kai,
For your weight and height I’d say definitely go for the bigger board 164.

I’ve ridden all of the Hovercrafts from 157, 160 and the 164 and the 164 is definitely the most versatile for a big guy with BC kit on his back.

The extra length doesn’t seem to make the board any less manouverable as its the short tail that gives its quick turn-ability. The extra length in the nose simply gives it more lift so its win win with the extra length and the short tail.
Hope you like the board.


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