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Slackcountry Or BC Intro Question?

Slackcountry or BC Intro question?


just wondered if you could give me a little advice between the slack country split board and intro to BC split board courses being held in next Jan. I have no split boarding experience but have a decent amount of riding experience including doing my levels 1&2 CASI instructor quals last season in Whistler. I will be in Chamonix for the season so dates wise it doesn’t really make a difference. Which would you suggest?




Hi James,

the difference between the courses is basically how much splitting you want to do and how far you want to go. If you’re doing the season in Cham then I’d say go for the BC Intro as you’ll get out into places that you maybe won’t get to without a guide. Some of the Slackcountry spots you might ride with mates and so possibly may already have been there. The BC intro gets you out into the high peaks and up on the Glaciers where as the Slackcountry will focus on riding with only short hikes.

Both are great courses but if you’re there for the season and a good rider the BC intro will give you something a bit different than your normal shred.

Not many places left so give Ruth a shout to reserve asap.

if you need any further advice let me know.


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