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More Hovercrafting?

More Hovercrafting?

Hi Neil.

I believe the Hovercraft only used to go up to 160cm but now there’s a 164cm. I think you’ve tried both. Should I go straight for the 164, as I’m similar size to you, or could there be any reason for me to go for the 160 (they say it rides big)?

Hi Simon,

you’re meant to ride them smaller, but i’ve found as they’ve gotten bigger they’ve just gotten better. I wouldn’t step down from the 164 but then you’re probably a little lighter than me so the 160 might suit you.
Either way the board rips. With the short tail it’ll turn on a dime which ever length you ride.

If you ride the 168 flagship go for the 164 Hovercraft, if you ride the 164 then go for the 160 and you’ll get similar feeling ride with more snap in the back end of the turn.


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